The Builder is the most critical unit in the entire players arsenal, the cornerstone of construction. The Builders are tasked with constructing buildings, an ability few other units possess. However, the Builder is extremely fragile and completely defenseless, so care should be taken to protect them from harm at all times.

Strategy & Tips[edit | edit source]

Builders are an extremely useful unit when it comes to building up a base early on, as well as fortifying forward positions and reinforcing defenses as necessary throughout the match. Builders additionally serve as on-site repair units when buildings have been damaged.

An important detail that can often be overlooked: Builders will be able to stack with one another when performing a task, like construction or repairing. This doubles the speed and effectiveness of the build/repair, and as you add more builders to the mix you will be able to build structures and repair damage with incredible speed.

Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • Builders are extremely cheap, only costing $500 to produce.
  • Builders can be stacked on projects to amplify the construction of buildings, or speed up repairs.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • Builders are extremely fragile, with only 170 HP.
  • Builders have no weapons, they have no way to attack an enemy if they are caught out in the open.
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