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Rusted Warfare is an Android RTS inspired by classic real-time strategy games such as Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer. Build up your base, create units, make defensive systems and try to be on the offensive. You are able to play the campaign, skirmish, multiplayer, and survival mode. Within the game modes, you are offered the availability of playing in level editor, (except survival mode), custom maps, and changing the AI difficulty to which you so desire.

Playing with mods and added maps

As you engage playing the game, you'll soon understand the basics and make strategies to defend your command center and attacking enemy fortification. Overtime you'll likely get uninterested due to the competitive goal. If you are bored of the same unit/building texture, units and buildings same function and role, map textures and layout style, or you just straight out uninterested, your happen to be in luck. Credited to the game policy of no mircotransactions, pay to win, or even advertisements, you can get mods free for your games and have many as you like.

Tired of not having enough experimental units? There are mods for that. Tired of not having Infantry or more units to intensify the battles and change strategy? There are mods for that. Bored of the same building texture and want diversity of factions? There are mods for that. Tired of starting the game for your AIs to create scouts and interceptors that randomly goes to area and just act as cannon-fodder. Well, mods can change that. There many ways you can play the game, and most of them are by the means of modding the game entirely.


As you get through the tutorial and playing in skirmish, it'll be more fun to play with an actual player than a non-sentient AI. Multiplayer matches can be hosted by other player, including you, and can be play on a varieties of maps (custom or vanilla). Mods can be install, making them more fun to play with.

Mobile version vs PC version

There not much to talk about the difference of the ways you play the game. You can play it on mobile and the gameplay would be more or less the same, just one major differences is the controls are reconfigured to your mobile device. The game is available on android and takes up a reasonable amount of space. When discussing about gameplay, the PC dominates this area. You can engage in large scale warfare with a decent fps and download a substantial amount of mods. About the mobile version, it doesn't require internet connection as the data is locally downloaded to your mobile device. So you don't have to sync your game to the internet and you can play it without interruptions.

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